Private label

Private label


We are preferred partners of some of the most prestigious international brands: we provide them not only with the talent for the definition and development of the fragrance, but with all our expertise for the implementation of a proper Marketing & Storytelling strategy, compliance with regulations and certifications, and the management of worldwide logistics.

The genesis
of the fragrance

The genesis
of the fragrance

Every project, every story, every wonder is born with and from a fragrance. We experience it firsthand every day, and the international brands that select us as their exclusive partners are well aware of this. Our “Nose” Paolo Terenzi, thanks to his expertise alongside the greatest successes of the market, offers his wealth of experience to the customer, to breathe life into personalised fragrances and direct the style concept of the business, indicating the correct olfactory genres and families for the brand and for the incorporated companies and/or markets of reference.

Design & Storytelling
at the service of business

The fragrance is the foundation of the project. Around these foundations there is spectacular architecture to design and build, step by step. Now is the time for Tiziana Terenzi, Art & Style Director of Cereria Terenzi Evelino. Her advice is essential in defining the perimeter of the new creation, through an integrated process:

– Analysis of business opportunities
– Conception of the business idea
– Design & Storytelling of the concept and the product
– Product development planning
– Design and prototyping
– Generation of added value

We place our Product Managers at the customer’s disposal to oversee the development of the project, in every phase: materials research, feasibility studies, selection of suppliers, prototyping management, production launch. Thanks to our many years of experience in the air care and perfumery sector, if requested with an order letter, we accompany the customer in the market, conveying the new creation to the most important distributors and operators in the field.

The secret is
in the research.

At the end of the strategic and creative planning process, we enter into the heart of the production, which requires compliance with all international regulations in the sector. Our Certification Office guarantees the client all the necessary registration services, both national and international, as well as the completion of all the cosmetic and CLP dossiers required by European law. In addition to this, we provide an international regulatory advisory service, backed by a study certified by the Ministry of Health, and the management of ministerial/consular practices and environmental dermatological tests, collaborating with external, internationally-recognised scientific and university laboratories. We believe in the immeasurable value of research and development, in close contact with University and Industrial Centres. We are proud of the innovations we have achieved in recent years, which have been recognized and awarded by the Scientific Community, such as the application of Colloidal Silver, Alcohol Free Diffusers and the Alcohol Free Personal Perfumes, the only ones able to successfully pass the strict Californian VOC controls. We make our full expertise available to our partners and customers, so that together we can reach new peaks of excellence.



We offer customers our logistical expertise: from product storage (in our climate-controlled warehouse with a capacity of 6000 pallet places) to national and international shipping, via all means of transport: by land, water and air. Within our company we have allocated an area for customs management for all destinations worldwide, and we have professional operators with a license for the handling of ADR goods. The customer informs us of the required destination of his product, and we then ship it, using the fastest and safest means, as well as completing all the necessary paperwork.

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