“A long-term commercial strategy capable of promoting the product through qualified and qualifying market positioning”

We are the strategic partners of the owners of the most beautiful, excellent Italian and international brands, who trust us to develop their most glamorous and scented creations!

Private Label development

Creative design and development Private Label Brands and/or products, with a full qualified, personalised service.
Consultancy on marketing, brand awareness and graphic design in order to define a long-term commercial strategy capable of promoting the productthrough qualified and qualifying market positioning. Brand creation, brand research, development and consultancy (company and/or product), relative coordinated image design.

a Business idea: Scent

Objective of the strategic plan:
Creation of the story of the Brand inherent to the business idea and definition of the strategic profiles of the sales activities planned throughout the year.
The plan is divided into 4 phases which can be integrated with one another: process for the development of the idea and definition (or redevelopment) of the business opportunity Creating the concept of the business idea evaluating and selecting the idea and planning how to implement the idea and identifying or overcoming any obstacles, so creating added value to enhance the original idea

Power of olfactory logo

Stimulate the five senses to revitalize the brand concept, exploring the deeper meanings than the principle of a standardized communication: building the brand of the future for us must leave here.
The smell of the air in the hotel becomes

his first communication system and increases the value of your perceived and offered sevices.
(Singapore Airlines Case)

The value of the olfactory logo

The market today requires new forms of marketing and approaches that are used by the two-dimensional profile to pass to a more holistic, able to realize global sensory interaction, to facilitate the retention process.

The unmistakable characteristic smell of a new BMW, is an example of sensory impression related to higher meanings evoked by the same Brand and must be translated today in hospitality through scent: home fragrance; holiday bouquet; luxury perfume; fragrance hi-tech; Baroque fragrance etc..

Olfactory Laboratory

Creating a personalised fragrance:

The fragrances, based on their refinement and complexity, will be classified in order of the categorisation envisaged by the international scent market.

The “Nose” of Cereria Terenzi, with many years of experience in the industry alongside the greatest successes in the market, will offer the Customer the benefit of this experience, to create personalised fragrances or to guide them stylistically in choosing the essences connected to the business idea, indicating the most suitable types and scent families for the Brand and the ASA and/or reference markets.

Creative studio

For a made-to-measure fit:
development of style and graphics, consultancy regarding packaging and personalized sampling: the style office and the graphic office of Cereria Terenzi are available to provide advice on style and graphics, and will willingly evaluate any ideas and suggestions presented autonomously by the Customer.
We also have a 3D design and rapid prototyping service. This allows us to provide three-dimensional renderings of a photographic quality for
preview presentations.

Business introducer: thanks to its many years of experience in the international air care and artistic and commercial scent industry, if specifically requested to do so by way of a letter of appointment, Cereria Terenzi is capable of accompanying the Customer in the market.
We can introduce the developed project to international Distributors or Operators, creating commercial development opportunities.

Bureaucratic fulfillments

Administrative and IT consultancy and management for cosmetics and air care products: The Certification Office at Cereria Terenzi is capable of providing all the national and international registration services required by law. We offer state-of-the-art software and equipment for the creation of all the cosmetic ranges and CLPs required by European law. We provide a consultancy service about the international legislation in force, with the support of a studio certified by the Ministry of Health.

Full management of mistrial and consular paperwork and procedures, including dermatological and environmental tests: Our Chemists have the skills required to perform all the Ministerial procedures needed in order to sell and export the goods produced on behalf of the Customer. We also rely on the assistance of internationally renowned independent scientific and university laboratories to perform the various tests and analyses required by law

Product Manager

Product devolpment:

Cereria Terenzi offers the Customer the expertise of its Product Managers who constantly follow the development of the designed project . Research on materials, feasibility studies, selection of suppliers for the production, managing prototyping procedures, production launches etc.
The Product Manager is the figure who manages a product or a line of products, coordinating all the phases of the process, from design to sale.
The main responsibility of the Product Manager is that of integrating the various company functions, in line with a single strategic objective, and maximising the value of the product in harmony with the market requirements. The fundamental role of the PM is therefore that of ensuring that the activities of all the company functions converge towards the customer, ensuring that the same saves time and resources, and maximising the result.

Research & Development

Product and process innovation:

Cereria Terenzi has always invested heavily in research and development. A Team of company Researchers is constantly in touch with the various university and industrial Research and Development Centres, with a view to continuously making progress in the development of innovative products and trying out new materials or technologies before the rest of the field.
We have created many inventions and innovative products, which have gained recognition and won awards from the International Scientific Community, such as the application of Colloidal Silver or our alcohol-free diffusers and now alcohol-free personal scents, the only ones capable of passing the strict Californian checks on the VOCs. We make all our know-how available to our Partners, including a large database relative to the most innovative materials and technologies present on the market or in the experimental phase.

Logistics management

National and international logistics management, shipments in ADR  and assistance with customs procedures at the Customer’s service Fully computerised climate-controlled logistics warehouse:

Cereria Terenzi has many years of experience in national and international logistics management and shipment by all means of transport, via road, sea and air. It also has a specific Office designated to manage the customs procedures required by all the product destinations worldwide. We have professional Operators licensed to handle goods in ADR.

You indicate the destination and we arrange to ship your goods all over the world, using the fastest, safest method and taking care of all the paperwork on your behalf.