This is the story of the Terenzi family: women and men who have captured the absolute in a drop of perfume, and life in a fragment of wax.

The origins
of wonder

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The roots of the Terenzi family are very ancient: in 1400, in Rimini, there lived the noble Gabriele Terenzi, who was passionate about art and alchemy. Over the centuries our family has distinguished itself due to the spirit of its leaders, explorers, and inventors. Like Guglielmo, the founder of the Cereria: a multifaceted man; artist and cavalry officer, musician and poet, tireless in his search for truth and beauty. At his side throughout his life was Bigia, a strong and pragmatic woman. Guglielmo’s passion for perfumes and colognes gave rise to a personal collection, with the extraction of natural essences from his beloved land. He passed on this boundless love to his son Evelino, teaching him the art of olfactory harmony and the techniques of harmonic tension.

The teaching
of Evelino

The teaching
of Evelino

Evelino is the absolute protagonist of our history, a shining beacon and guide in our family’s existence. But above all, he is an eclectic inventor and visionary, always in tune with nature and the rhythms it imposes on the lives of each of us. His eyes, as intense and green as the crystal clear waters through which he loves to sail, see the future decades ahead of time. He taught us to look at our work from a new point of view: these were not merely products, but creations designed and made by people, for the well-being of people. This is how our candles are made, with natural wax, pure and so natural that they can be eaten, tasted. The idea was born to combine the wellbeing aspects of candles with the emotions of perfumes, with a passion and olfactory research that know no equal. The concept of creating in harmony with nature and the territory was born, at a time when the word sustainability was still unknown. The idea was born to focus on people, transcending the concept of business, to embrace that of family, in which we are all instrumental and relevant to each other’s happiness. Evelino transformed the family business into a house of wonders: those who visit it are captivated by a place that appears magical. Year after year, the small craftsman’s workshop continued to grow, and became increasingly part of in Evelino’s character. Even today the bricks, the floors, and walls of the company still give off his scent, his spirit.

The absolute
The future

Today Evelino’s teachings continue to live on in the hearts, minds and deeds of his children. Tiziana and Paolo, who grew up with the same passion for the sea and its infinite possibilities, and who share horizons and visions, in a fusion of talent that opens new perspectives. The family’s bond binds them, like the oak tree to the earth. And think brings the fruits of the wisdom of generations, living beyond time. The music of their ancestors still plays on in their hearts, and their journey is always in the direction of the sea. Wonders continue and will continue to be born, with natural and high-quality raw materials, through painstaking attention to every detail: because every creation is the child of our family, and speaks of men and women who have been able to capture the absolute in a drop of perfume, and life in a drop of wax. Today our brands—Tiziana Terenzi, V Canto and Giardino Benessere—represent the beauty and well-being of Made in Italy, throughout the whole world. We work together with the most prestigious international companies, providing our expertise to give life to new and exclusive creations.

We are important
We are unique
We are people

Behind every creation there are people’s hearts, minds and hands. That is why we want our company to be a place where all our employees can feel good. We want excellent environmental quality for their health; clarity and safety, with a flexible timetable that allows them to live their private lives to the fullest. We want them to have spaces where they can meet, confide in each other, exchange opinions, get to know each other. If our goal is to give life to creations that emanate grace, it is essential to start from people’s inner well-being. It is the only way, the fairest, the most beautiful.

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Our brands are the children of the Terenzi family, born to tell the world about our vision of Dolce Vita and Made in Italy.


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