“Try not to become a man of success, but rather try to become a man of value.”

This phrase by Albert Einstein meets us at every corner and is the motto behind every process in the company.
Moulded in the heart of our wax to breathe life into our creations.

The perfumes of Tiziana Terenzi: the essence of the moment

The creation of these perfume essences comes from the never-ending quest to depict and capture emotions.
These perfumes embody the powerful Faustian desire to try to hold on to a beautiful moment, and the constant exploration of the “self and the non-self”.
The perfume uses its full power to evoke the experience of being by the fire – a moment which represents a life lived to the fullest and intense, squeezing the last drop, living in the moment – the sharing of an intimate moment with the rest of the cosmos. All the evocative essences of a beautiful memory are trapped inside the precious olfactory molecules, forever etched in our minds.
It is not simply perfume, but an actual journey through the emotions and memory. Because of its unique quality,these creations come from their having started out as a series of notes jotted down in old notepads narrating a journey which has yet to draw to a close. As well, the formulation of the molecules does follow the rules of traditional haute perfumery; instead it opens itself up to the freedom of exploring all possible alchemies, through “politically incorrect” actions. It manages to represent the true essence of life, including its imperfections, tensions, dissonances, all of which make the moment simply beautiful.
There are no stylistic compromises here; each molecule has been selected because it must exist – almost independently of the author – because these creations are expressions of the truth.
These perfumes cannot be worn like a simple piece of clothing; they are only for those who love to completely immerse themselves in life, fearlessly experiencing its essence to the very core.
They are complex creations which do not completely reveal themselves; they require reflection.
The notes are continually transforming, often invading the bottom of the heart and exploring uncharted territory.
It is a precious alchemy in the making; and one which never stops generating new musical notes because of the continual evolution of our emotions and the way it is perceived.
To experience a perfume with this kind of structure requires time, patience, perseverance, and wisdom.
In fact, it does not reveal its essence to just anyone. You cannot just decide to wear it.
IT will be the one to choose YOU if it feels you have the right soul to truly understand it.

The Giardino Benessere Eau de Parfum collection

fully inspired by nature and psychophysical well-being, derives from the creative and visionary imagination of Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi. Unique creations, outside the traditional perfumery way of thinking and devoid of social and commercial influences, designed as a wellness therapy for the spirit.
Giardino Benessere expresses a new concept of radical chic luxury, it enshrines the ancient and concrete values of nature, for perfumes that do not just want to be worn, but want to be lived in every breath. Waves of well-being that can trigger positive emotions to those inebriated by these nectars.
Precious and natural woods of great personality, an expression of the oldest and most selective perfumery. Wonderful if worn individually, each with its genuine and nature inspired mood, sublime when blended together like waves carried by the wind.
These fragrances can in fact be blended together to create a new personalised and unique fragrance with every combination. The ancient wisdom of our work is inspired by the beauty of nature to collect its essence in an unforgettable droplet of perfume.
In our long journey into the world of perfumes, which began over 45 years ago, we have learned that every individual loves to be distinctive and unique, marking their path with the trail of their perfume.
Perfume conveys who we are and what mood we are in, clearly expressing our personality and our inner emotions. The world of luxury has always elevated this distinctiveness, proposing perfumes that are the privilege of but a few.
Giardino Benessere instead wishes to break with the past and open new avenues of design research that are not merely aesthetic, but rather intimate and evolutionary.
No longer just a perfume to wear but a palette of colours with which to depict ones own personal and unique fragrance that becomes the mood of those who create it, like an olfactory signature to be worn personally and worn by ones home too.
Harmonies designed to become a melody for those who choose and create them at will. Who is the real nose now? Who is the creator of this wonder? The answer is simple and radical: those wearing the perfume or those who make their home, their den, wear it!!
Olfactory harmonies designed to be blended at will by the conductor of the orchestra playing their original and unpublished melody. Nothing is pre-packaged in this opera, because the true art lives only in the personality of those who dare to be unique.
The creative hand moves from the perfumer to the user, enchantingly reversing the roles. Two sprays of Amber with one of Sandalwood and Myrrh and you have the sound of seduction, or the allure of Tuberose enriched by the power of Patchouli for an unusual and irreverent Cologne. Thousands of possible combinations with the simple act of blending the spray of the perfume or the fragrances of the candles. Everyone can play a perfect opera as a soloist, but mixed together, in the thousand possible nuances, enshrines the true essence of uniqueness, capable of renewing itself every time!! Nothing will ever be the same again aftr this
experience, no one will ever be able to wear your perfume, because as each of us has a unique DNA, today you will be the architects of your own unique, inimitable and unrepeatable essence.
This unique collection is a tribute to all those who we have met and will meet on our journey and have understood how deeplythey love the perfume, so much so as to become, unquestionably, the real Perfumers!


The V Canto Collection is inspired by one of the most beautiful love stories in the world: the love for one’s roots and native land.
The Terenzi family has lived near the Castello di Gradara, one of the oldest castles in Italy, for over 700 years. Setting down roots among the beautiful hills, the woods and the blue Adriatic sea, it is a family of travellers and explorers who loves to return to their home made of scents and colours dominated by the blue velvet shades of the sea after every adventure.
From this wild but beautiful area comes, in fact, much of the creative energy and love for beauty that distinguishes all of Terenzi’s Artworks.
Breathing the air under the big tower, rich in history and secrets, walking among the high walls of the castle, in the past defended by the Avi with their lives, building castles in the sand on the seashore and dreaming while standing on the highest peak of the cliff, brings the soul closer to what we were and lets us glance through history. Even the Supreme Poet Dante Alighieri, one of the greatest that Italy has ever seen, chose to honour this place with a chapter of his most famous work: The Comedìa, best known as the Divine Comedy. A poem, written with hendecasyllabic verses, in Florentine vernacular, composed between 1304 and 1321. The Comedy is one of the most important testimonies to medieval civilisation; known and studied worldwide, is considered the greatest work of literature of all time.
This Work has always accompanied us since childhood and is still one of the most exciting books to read, thrilling and enchanting us with its disarming topical way of painting the human being in its truest form: its soul.
Inspired by the work and the places described in it, comes the V Canto Collection by Cereria Terenzi. Precious and unique fragrances that contain all the medieval poetry and history of passion, love, sins, virtues, vices, but above all true humanity, as told through Paolo and Tiziana Terenzi’s artistic and evocative fragrances.
A work of great stylistic commitment that is an emotional olfactory journey through the story of human nature.
Fragrances to wear as a manifesto of our most profound inclinations, of the desire to explore our deepest inner self through the evocative power of the fragrance.
The scent becomes an epic travelling companion, like the one that led Dante, through the streets of the soul to show us what we are or what we will become.
It tells of an eternal journey towards both the most pure and bold love that human history has ever known, now enclosed in “ten tercets” of perfumes that start a story yet to be told!
Whenever our Welcomed Guests come to visit us at our Palace of Candles, we love to take them on a visit through the castle, where, protected by secret tunnels under the mountain and by mighty walls, you can still hear the echoes of the eternal love of Paolo and Francesca.
A magical and mysterious place, as charming and persuasive as the scents created for this collection thanks to the rare and precious essences that make wearing them a unique and unforgettable experience

Air therapy

The new Home fragrances concept. The most powerful air purifiers and perfumers.

Saba candles

“Saba” is an acronym for the Italian “Sempre al bello allineati”, meaning “Always beautifully aligned”.
This product was created to respond to the need to offer the market a quality product that above all guarantees safety and REACH certification at a decidedly competitive price that all consumers can afford, but which provides a valid alternative to Asian products while confirming the concept of products “Made in Italy” and guaranteeing quality certification.
A product with minimum packaging and trend-setting simplicity, offering consumers the maximum results at minimum expense.

La bottega del ceraio

A range of classic candles from Cereria Terenzi, able to satisfy all market needs and intended prevalently for the chain store market.
Its strongest features include product recognisability, the absolute quality of raw materials and great attention to consumer safety.

Events & Decorations

Professional Flordesign
A line exclusively dedicated to decoration professionals, able to meet the need of every event, from the marriage to the convention, the meeting facilities for tourist accommodation. A large collection of professional candles for decoration declined in all trendy colors. Special systems to create innovative air decorations and favors.


Candele per festeggiare.

Le candele sono anche sinonimo di gioia e allegria. Per questo, non c’é compleanno o Natale senza candele. In particolare, per i bambini, le feste di compleanno sono le prime occasioni speciali della vita, e a renderle ancora  più belle non possono mancare candele di qualità: spegnendo con un unico soffio tutte le candeline sulla torta, si rinnova la speranza di realizzare i nostri desideri. Cereria Terenzi ha cominciato proprio dalle candele per le torte di compleanno, destinate a essere spente tra gli applausi e le risate. Fin dall’inizio, infatti, Evelino Terenzi ha lavorato cera per uso alimentare, una scelta poi applicata a tutta la produzione della Cereria. Mantenere in attività questo reparto è stata senza dubbio una scelta simbolica e un modo concreto per ricordare le proprie origini – dare importanza ai simboli é del resto naturale per chi si occupa da sempre di un oggetto così ricco di simbologie come la candela –  ma anche una scelta vincente, visto che oggi in Italia nove compleanni su dieci sono festeggiati con candele Terenzi!