Main Features

We offer specific know-how in order to create unique objects dedicated to the Home Fragrance, Air Care and Fine Fragrance ranges.

Sensorial emotions developed and diffused using a UNIQUE product system which is highly superior to those of other Competitors on the Market


Quality and safety of the products, made with artisanal care, a strict selection process that only approves certified raw materials and defines production procedures which are capable of guaranteeing the Customer maximum peace of mind in the commercial field.


Good things are beautiful, because it is beautiful to feel good.
This is the image we have projected on to the market, through our products and our transparent commercial choices.

Sustainable Choices

Zero Environmental Impact
It is impossible to produce “Wellbeing” if we have no scruples or care little for that which urrounds us: the environment, our workplace, safety and the community.
Sustainable choices that become strategic choices.

Green Economy

Our products are made with full respect for the Environment and the People who live in it because business is a common heritage. The company gives and receives from the world around it, in the harmony of its zero environmental impact, and guided by the ethics of social responsibility, because we believe that a different world can be built and is indeed within easy reach.
Over the years, our close focus on the product and on our Consumers’ health have generated in us the need to establish a Zero Environmental Impact production process, today with two new jewels in its crown: a process for melting the wax at low temperatures and the production of electricity using the latest solar energy sources.
Product innovation and tradition have always lived side by side in Terenzi Evelino Cereria

Prodotte con Energia

Our candles are the first, and currently the only products manufactured using SOLAR ENERGY in an integrated, zero environmental impact process.

This exclusive advantage is also cited by our Customers when promoting their and our products and this transforms the traditional supplier-customer relationship into a sort of partnership.
Since it was opened, our Company has always focused on the Environment and the Health of our Workers.
We recycle as much of our material as we can and operate a differentiated waste disposal procedure Today our processes generate no waste, all excess materials are reused to give new life to new processes.
We operate differentiated waste collection procedures for the recycling of all types of materials, such as, for example, plastic, paper and glass.

For 40 years Producers of Wellbeing

Initially, our reference market was the production of cakes, where the company is still the leading company in Europe with a national market share of 93%.

Producers of quality

For 40 years Producers of Quality.
After this first step, the company grew until it became the top Italian waxworks and one of the major players in Europe, soon even giving its Asian competitors a run for their money.

The new era: The Scent

Gli uomini potevano chiudere gli occhi davanti alla grandezza, davanti all’orrore e turarsi le orecchie davanti a melodie o a parole seducenti. Ma non potevano sottrarsi ai profumi. Poiché il profumo è fratello del respiro. Con esso penetrava gli uomini, a esso non potevano resistere, se volevano vivere.
E il profumo scendeva in loro, direttamente al cuore e là distingueva categoricamente la simpatia dal disprezzo, il disgusto dal piacere, l’amore dall’odio. Colui che dominava gli odori, dominava il cuore degli uomini.
Patrick Süskind

Terenzi in the world

EUROPE: United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Spain, France, Ukraine, Baltic States, Romania, Bulgaria.

ASIA: Russia, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, China, Turkey, Korea, Japan

MIDDLE EAST: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, Yemen, Iran, Kazaksthan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Iraq.

MEDITERRANEAN: Albania, Lebanon, Libya, Malta, Egypt, Turkey.

AMERICA: USA and Canada

Strategic development takes us abroad

Markets we are striving to enter:

EUROPE: Poland, Portugal, Croatia, Denmark and Finland.
ASIA: Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, India
OCEANIA: Australia and New Zealand
AFRICA: Morocco, Tunisy, Nigeria, Angola, Ghana, Gabon and Senegal


One of the 200 accredited companies in the bank of italian quality businesses. Selected in Europe as one of the 80 examples of excellence for corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Promotion of the territory and the environment through a zero environmental impact product system – promotors and main sponsors of the event “candele a candelora” since 2003 (

Members of symbols Foundation for italian quality businesses since 2005

Selection of partners based on shared corporate ethics mentioned in the book “soft economy” by E. Realacci and A. Cianciullo as an example of excellent italian production 2005 Edizioni BUR

Won a sodalities social award for corporate social responsibility (CSR) Year 2007

Products with legambiente environmental certification since 2008

Exclusive productions for the italian high fashion industry, herbal medicine and cosmetics companies, the pharmaceutical sector and the world of food
one of the 25 examples of excellence cited in the famous book green Italy “l’italia che ce la fa” (Year 2012)