Cereria Terenzi for School

Cereria Terenzi for School

Cereria Terenzi is proud to announce its involvement in the school project entitled ‘Muoversi… giocando con la palla’ [‘Moving…playing with a ball’], an initiative that took place during the 2023/24 school year at San Giovanni in Marignano Primary School.

The ‘Muoversi… giocando con la palla’ project, developed and coordinated by the men’s division of the Nuova Consolini volleyball club, was an opportunity for Cereria Terenzi to be part of a real springboard for about 400 children from the school’s 19 classes, from year 1 to year 5. From October to December 2023, we saw these children immersed in an educational adventure that included learning through play, with a special focus on developing motor skills and learning to manage their bodies.

The activities on offer, such as mini volleyball, were carefully designed to gradually introduce passing and bumping techniques, making learning a playful adventure. The resulting enthusiasm was the clearest evidence of the success of this approach.

For Cereria Terenzi, supporting this project was not only an investment in the present, but also a bet on the future: a future in which, thanks to initiatives like this, children can grow up developing not only their sporting skills but also their social skills, learning the value of cooperation, mutual respect and the acceptance of both victory and defeat.

We are proud to have contributed to this wonderful project and Cereria Terenzi will continue to be committed to the welfare and development of our region and its young but promising talent.