Unforgettable Kiss is on air.

Unforgettable Kiss is on air.

Let’s relive the Sublime Kiss that for centuries has reverberated in the lands around Cereria Terenzi Evelino: the most important and famous kiss in history, that of Paolo and Francesca, made immortal by the lines of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, founding father of Italian language and poetry.

Let’s relive the Pure Kiss, raised to that state of purity that only true love can give. We will do it with the magic of Unforgettable Kiss, the new V Canto commercial: shot right inside Gradara Castle, among the secret rooms that hosted the ineluctable love of Paolo and Francesca, among the secret rooms that inspired the birth of V Canto and its collections.

The absolute star of the commercial is the new Francesca, a poetic creature born thanks to Dante’s genius, who became popular with the Enlightenment and Romanticism; and today a symbol of freedom, courage and passion all over the world. To celebrate the greatness of this timeless love and of this woman owning her destiny, Filì perfume: a precious creation, totally handmade by skilled artisans with layers of precious silver leaves, able to make each bottle a unique piece in the world.

Today we have an appointment with history. A date that is not accidental. March the 8th: International Women’s Day. 8 and 8 again: in the symbolism of numbers, it has always been associated with the enchanting art of perfumery.

Let’s celebrate Filì’s pure, silvery and sparkling love. With the throbbing spirit of the unforgettable kiss that will vibrate with every scent!