“Good things are beautiful, because it is beautiful to feel good.”

This is the image we have projected on to the market, through our products and our transparent commercial choices.

Story of a passion

Nonno Guglielmo, with his brother, sets up a candle company addressed to religious and devotional sector. We’re back in the 1950s.
The business works, achieves a certain level of success, and naturally, our father Evelino follows in his father’s footsteps and joins the company.

The roots

Evelino is a visionary. He has new ideas that he wants to try out and decides to make his own way in the world: he opens his own ‘candle factory’, which is both innovative and ethically responsible.
The new “Cereria” (a wax factory) derives from an excellent idea: making candles for cakes with raw materials for food use, without creating any risks for the consumer’s health.

The origins of the factory

The ‘factory’ is set up in a small room of 16 square metres in the family home. We could say that Evelino embodies the figure of the Italian artisan a little: part artist, part inventor, part mechanical engineer.

He abandons the steam system used to melt the wax in favour of a methane- powered process with heated water which is decidedly cleaner.

The establishment

It was 1968 when Evelino decided to abandon the boilers that burn polluting bitumen – still used today – and switch to water and methane, sophisticated hydraulics that save energy and reduce the impact on the environment, overturned the production systems , but it was a winning choice. Today 9 times out of 10, those blowing on a cake candle have a Terenzi product in front of them.

We like to build meaningful relationships

Quality and safety of the products, made with artisanal care, a strict selection process that only approves certified raw materials and defines production procedures which are capable of guaranteeing the Customer maximum peace of mind in the commercial field